Custom Flavor Blending



As all you hookah smokers know, there are dozens of flavors of shisha in multiple brands. But why stop there? The coolest thing about shisha is that you don’t have to just smoke one flavor at a time. Mixing up the different flavors and brands is the best part about smoking hookah. You can come up with your own unique flavors every day. If you’re that adventurous smoker that likes to try new things then you’ve come to the right place. HookahByCece has a variety of different flavors we’ve created for all you hookah connoisseurs. However, you’d have limit yourself to the flavors we’ve custom created for you; we can make any flavor that you request. All you have to do is either choose from one of the flavors you see listed below or you can email us a particular flavor you want us to create and we can make your idea come to life.


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