Glider Bowls



  • The experts at Elite have brought you the newest innovation in hookah bowl technology. The glider bowl is the ultimate hookah bowl; you’ll never need another hookah bowl again. It’s made of silicone so the bottom is heat resistant for easy bowl changing, it doesn’t break if you drop it, and no more rubber grommets needed to secure air flow. Aluminum foil is a thing of the past, thanks to the metal plate placed on top of the bowl with designated holes for easier draw and to ensure that the coals burn evenly over the shisha. Also, the shisha is placed in a drawer with two separate compartments, created to easily fill with one or more of your favorite flavors. Not to mention, the drawer helps with portion control. Available in: brown, red, black, white, & blue.

(all bowls will need a rubber grommet to secure air flow except silicone bowls)

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